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How A Bad Mattress Impacts Your Health

how a bad mattress affects your health

A good night’s sleep is essential, we all recognize that, yet most of us don’t get enough. For general wellbeing and overall health, it is important to get plenty of good quality shut-eye each night. The quality of this sleep depends hugely on your mattress and many people suffer from the health impacts caused by a bad mattress.

It’s staggering that many people who recognize their mattress to be worn out and generally uncomfortable do nothing about it. An old mattress which is no longer suitable for your needs or is simply beyond its years does you no good and can actually have some frightful short and long-term health impacts.

Just because your mattress isn’t as good as it once was, does not mean you need to buy a new one, but doing this is usually the best possible solution. Products such as mattress toppers can help a lot and you can find plenty of reviews for these over at Mattress Test.

Here are three ways your bad mattress is harming your health –

#1: It is causing restlessness and low-quality sleep

Although restlessness due to a bad mattress is a short-term problem, it is still a big one. Without getting a good amount of high-quality sleep, you are forcing yourself to face each day feeling lethargic, stressed and irritable, constantly looking forward to crawling back into bed just to get some extra rest.

When you wake up, you should feel energized. If you are constantly waking up without energy, it could be a sign of a bad night’s sleep caused by an unsuitable mattress.

#2: It can cause chronic back pain

Chronic back pain is one of the most common long-term effects of sleeping on a bad mattress. Countless studies have high-lighted the link between lying on a bad mattress and back pain and, conversely, other studies have demonstrated an improvement in patients’ back pain when they replaced their old mattress with a new one.

Back pain is one of the world’s most common chronic conditions and we will all suffer from it at one point or another, so why increase your chances of experiencing it sooner because of an uncomfortable mattress?

#3: It can even cause snoring

A lot of us snore, yet something which is often ignored when looking for the cause of a bad snorer is the mattress upon which they sleep. If a mattress does not properly support your body, the airways are placed under extra tension which can lead to (very bad) snoring.

If you are sleeping on an old mattress and also snore a lot, the two may just be linked. If you have a long-suffering partner, perhaps it’s time to make an investment into a new mattress or mattress topper.

If you have found that your mattress is uncomfortable or no longer suitable for you, you may consider investing in a new one. Depending on how bad the situation is, however, you may be able to get away with buying a mattress topper instead.

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