Product Review: Amber Ointment Relieves Pain

amber ointment relieves pain

I love amber and was intrigued to discover that amber ointment is a traditional Polish and Russian medicine used to treat a variety of rheumatic conditions associated with muscle and joint pain. The active ingredients in amber infused ointment are organic terpenes that have a warming effect to improve blood circulation and ease tension, stiffness and pain.

Baltic amber

Amber ointment contains amber resin extracts collected from the southern shores of the Baltic Sea. This amber is the fossilised resin of an extinct species of ancient pine tree, Pinus succinifera, which is unique in containing up to 8% succinic acid. Also known as succinate, this substance has many biological effects, including the stimulation of energy production in cells and the activation of immune responses to injury.

Amber ointment also contains aromatic organic compounds such as delta-3-carene (which is also found in cannabis salves used to relieve pain), d-borneol and p-cymene which have anti-inflammatory, warming and healing properties. It is also a source of silica, magnesium, iron, calcium, iodine and potassium which, when applied to the skin, provides additional micronutrients needed for healing.

I recently gave Baltic Amber Ointment to a member of my family who woke with lower back pain and tenderness over his left sacroiliac joint. Despite being reluctant to act as a guinea pig, he applied the ointment to the painful spot with no expectations that it would work. Within half an hour, the pain was significantly improved and he was more than happy to reapply the amber ointment instead of taking an oral pain-killer. A day later, the problem was gone which, as anyone who has experienced lower back pain affecting the sacroilliac joint will know, is quite remarkable.

Baltic amber ointment

How to use amber ointment

Apply Amber Ointment several times a day, massaging a small amount into stiff or painful muscles or joints. The active ingredients quickly seep into the underlying tissues to reduce pain sensation and increase blood flow to hasten healing.

Amber Ointment is also an effective moisturiser and is nourishing and soothing for the skin. Traditionally, amber tincture was also rubbed into the temples to ease a headache, and applied under the nostrils to help ease a blocked or runny nose. It has a pleasant, faintly aromatic scent that is not at all overwhelming, unlike some warming topical treatments.

The amber ointment is quite thick and can be difficult to expel from the tube initially – if this is the case, pop the tube in a mug of warm water for 10 minutes before use to help soften the ointment before applying.

Baltic Amber Ointment is free from artificial colours, preservatives, lanolin and parabens.


Baltic Amber Ointment is available from, and

Ingredients: vegetable oil, amber extract, beeswax, lecithin, tocopherol (vitamin E). For external use only.

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