Tried & Tested: My Best Dehumidifier


Excess humidity in the home can attract moulds which will worsen respiratory conditions such as asthma and lead to tightness in the chest and wheeziness as well as leading to stuffy nose and headaches. In fact, if your symptoms are worse during autumn and winter, you could well have a mould allergy.

As moulds thrive in moist conditions, one of the best ways of improving the problem is with a dehumidifier which will draw excess moisture out of the air and prevent condensation and musty odours.

If only a small area is affected, you could use a mini-dehumidifier but for a larger room – or one in which you do your laundry – you will need a machine with a greater capacity that can capture 15 litres of water per day or more.

When selecting a dehumidifier, factors to consider other than initial cost include energy efficiency and eco-friendliness as well as the level of noise generated – especially if you are using it overnight.

The Duux – Bora Smart Dehumidifier

The Bora dehumidifier is a stylish, quiet machine with a robust handle that tucks away plus wheels for easy moving. Choose between two manual settings or the continuous mode, which keeps on extracting water from the air.

Capacity: The Bora compressor draws in air to extract up to 20 litres of excess moisture from the air every day, making it highly effective at preventing the growth of moulds and bacteria. You have the option of connecting a hose for continuous drainage or catching the extracted water in a 4-litre tank which you can empty manually, ready to go again. When the water tank is full, it automatically switches off.

Select your humidity level: The Bora Smart Dehumidifier has a built-in hygrostat which allows you to select your desired level of humidity between 30% and 80% for automatic regulation. A comfortable level for most rooms is 50%.

Remove odours: The machine is supplied with a carbon filter, which is easy to install, and which removes gasses, smoke and unwanted musty odours.

Easy control panel: The clear LED operating panel shows which settings are active and also reveals the current humidity level. A timer mode allows you to set a time for the Bora to automatically switch off after a certain amount of time. You can also download the Duux app to monitor and control your indoor climate anytime, from anywhere.

Eco-friendly: Bora uses an eco-friendly R290-refrigerant and has a self-cleaning mode so the machine can be put away safe and dry if not in constant use.

Quiet in use: The Bora has gained a Quiet Mark as it is only 46dB in night mode.

Having trialled this machine for two months I can thoroughly recomend it.

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